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A look back at “Some Sources of Error in Laboratory Knock Ratings”

“Some Sources of Error in Laboratory Knock Ratings” by W. E. Adams and J. D. McCullough In the late 1950s, researchers at Ethyl Corporation conducted a study to look at the effects on the Research Octane Number by various variables within the engine environment. This study highlighted the differences that can be seen when pieces […]

Reference Fuel Blending System for Octane/Cetane Rating Engine

Specifications Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D2699, ASTM D2700, ASTM D2885, ASTM D613 Application: For Cetane and Octane Measurement Measurement Mode: Gravimetric Measurement by Precision Balance Fuel Blending Mode: Automatic Fuel Blending Unit with Software Operating Mode: Built-in Touch Screen Control Panel Tank Quantity: 6 tanks Accuracy: ±0.01 ON/CN Speed: 2 min / 500 […]

Combination Octane Rating Unit – K90901 by Koehler Instrument Company

Test Method This laboratory test method covers the quantitative determination of the knock rating of liquid spark-ignition engine fuel in terms of Research O.N. and the Motor Octane Number, including fuels that contain up to 25 % v/v of ethanol. The sample fuel is tested using a standardized single cylinder, four-stroke cycle, variable compression ratio, carbureted, […]