Attention: Engine Operator Retiree’s help us preserve our Octane Engine legacy.

The folks at StanCo Scientific Inc are trying to establish a directory of past regional group meetings minutes and reports regarding the Octane Engine. We want to create an archive that can be shared with others in the community preserving the legacy and not let it slip into obscurity. A lot of our older operators and managers have retired and unfortunately disposed of these files to land fills. Which is a terrible loss for our engine community. Since so much of the scientific testing done in the early years is still pertinent today, but the reports were never archived just distributed as minutes or reports to the individual members. Over the years most of members have left and who knows what happened to their files.

Currently we have amassed a collection spanning from 1938 to 2011 and a total of 549 files, thus far about 4.6Gb. We also have found a lot of pictures, research reports and illustrations that are still important to the history of the Octane engine. So search your basements, garages, dog houses and attics. Please send me a note at, lets not loose any more history!

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