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History: Sales Brochure for Waukesha Engines Feb 7,1969

We found an old sales brochure from 53 years ago. Very cool to see what state of the art was in 1969, we have come a long way!

Testing Linearity in Knock Meters and Detonation Meters a solution.

The verification of Knock and Detonation meters has been a topic for some time for octane engines. How does one truly know if the detonation meter or the knock meter are working correctly? Is the spread linear on the knock meter dial? It is possible that the meter on the engine isn’t linear and falls […]

The first all electronic engine Knock detection system. The MIT Sperry Knockometer, Model KM-1. Amazing all tube technology from 1945.

The “New” Electronic Detonation meter from Phillips November 9,1946.

This is the prototype to the later 501 and 501A. This meter would replace the bouncing pin system which at the time was the standard. This was first published 75 years ago. The research started with the MIT Sperry Knock-0-meter. in 1944.

Words Of Wisdom from Uncle Mark

Quoted from an Email from Mark Mallet Oct 4,2021 “Below are a couple of pictures of some MAL-ADJUSTED Valve Adjusting Screws.It appears to me that the “PUSH RODS” and Valve Adjusting Screws need to be adjusted for the geometry of Valve carriage to be correct. With a digital counter reading of 722 showing in BOTH […]

The correct FRC needed to run Knock engines in 1932.

Words of Wisdom from Syd Mallet 1975.

Attention: Engine Operator Retiree’s help us preserve our Octane Engine legacy.

The folks at StanCo Scientific Inc are trying to establish a directory of past regional group meetings minutes and reports regarding the Octane Engine. We want to create an archive that can be shared with others in the community preserving the legacy and not let it slip into obscurity. A lot of our older operators […]


Although many older drivers will recall their cars knocking when driving uphill on hot days,the average driver under the age of fifty likely has never heard an engine knock. Indeed,different techniques have been implemented in engines to avoid that annoying “pinging” sound.However, this does not mean that knock has been conquered. Rather, knock is a […]

Road Octane Numbers 1957

An interesting read on high compression US Road Octane Numbers with compression ratios 11:1 and 12:1 https://enginebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Copy-of-Road-Octane-Numbers-for-Gasoline-in-Cars-5-14-1957.pdf

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