Testing Linearity in Knock Meters and Detonation Meters a solution.

The verification of Knock and Detonation meters has been a topic for some time for octane engines. How does one truly know if the detonation meter or the knock meter are working correctly? Is the spread linear on the knock meter dial? It is possible that the meter on the engine isn’t linear and falls outside the 2 point limits? Our new technique effectively tests the Knock meter over the 0 to 100KI range. Testing detonation meters for the D1‘s range of output voltages is 1.0V to 0.200V. Testing at various voltages at meter/spread settings you are able to find faults easier. The device is based on two studies. A 1975 study on the specification and calibration of the Weston meter and the 1993 detonation meter performance study.

The SSD7120 is a stand alone system that can directly identify linearity in both the knock and detonation meters. You can know in minutes that you are running correctly. Rather than waste hours swapping parts. Contact Stanco Scientific Inc at 815-416-1422.

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