Words Of Wisdom from Uncle Mark

Quoted from an Email from Mark Mallet Oct 4,2021

“Below are a couple of pictures of some MAL-ADJUSTED Valve Adjusting Screws.
It appears to me that the “PUSH RODS” and Valve Adjusting Screws need to be adjusted for the geometry of Valve carriage to be correct.

With a digital counter reading of 722 showing in BOTH WINDOWS of the digital counter, the horizontal support “bars” and  Rocker Arms should be almost exactly level.  The adjusting screws need to be adjusted too. There should be “about” as many threads showing above that “lock nut” on the Adjusting Screw as there is “Below” the Rocker Arm. 

That will keep the “Rocker Arms”  aligned with the tips of the valves so that the rocker arms don’t “Push” or “Pull” on the valve stems as the cylinder is adjusted for Compression in the 80 to 100 octane number bracket.
If this is not done correctly, there is a propensity for the Valve Stems to become “galled” in the valve guides and that will eventually have a negative effect the engines ability to rate gasoline correctly.  ”